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The infamous Sims fucking pic

This dates back quite a while. It won't seem like that much of a big deal these days, but this shows some history of how easy it used to be to throw people off. Although that wasn't my intention. Mash-ups of all kinds, sex mods, and photoshopping are now part of our every day online experience, but there was a time when they weren't.

With a little Photoshop editing of some various Sims screenshots that I had taken, I came up with this pic:

I originally posted this ages ago, when the nude Sims page first went up. I had no idea what I had unleashed on the AOL generation.

Then the emails came:

"How did you get the picture of the adult female straddling the
adult male? Can you do that in the game?"

In all fairness this isn't one of the stupidest emails I've received. I responded by posting the following on my site:

Just choose 'Fuck' from the popup menu, it's right next to 'Kiss' and 'Flirt.'

I received SEVERAL emails that took this suggestion literally. Here's one:

"Hi I was just at your great site and I saw you have a lady straddling a guy in the SIMMs.
I tried all ways to get that to is not in the pop up menu and it is driving me crazy.
could you please help me out. thank you steve."

I had thought that:
A) If it wasn't obvious that this was a doctored image, then -
B) it would at least be obvious that Maxis/Electronic Arts would have never allowed X-rated SEX in their family game (or ANY game), SO THEREFORE THEY WOULDN'T HAVE PUT 'FUCK' IN THE POPUP MENU.

After posting the emails and my responses, I STILL received at least one really stupid email a week.

Years later, making them fuck became a reality thanks to the modding community (Sims 1 page).

The majority if the following emails were BEFORE sex in the sims became something of a reality. Read on:

I am new to your site but of course you did catch my eye with the sexing sims. On the page you put just click fuck but fuck just doesn't appear on the option screen.

How on Earth do I make the sims fuck?
Don't tell me that u choose it ...bla, bla, bla...I tried but there's no sign "fuck"
Please tell me. I won't tell anyone, except for my girlfriend, she's 19 and I'm 20. Please...

in thesims
1. i can't find the fuck in the pupop menu.please help me by my email.(send me how to do)
2. can i rape adult sims(women)in thesims?help me for this.

Hello i believe i sent you a message regarding the sims sex animation patch and you never answered. i forgive you if you did not have internet access please reply?

That's me, the cutting edge webmaster with no internet access.

How the heck did u guys get that picture of those two sims fuckin' each other?!?!?


now I hope you are the one tht knows of the sims tht only for the house party one or can I use it on my living large one....please let me know how you had the conversations thanks Stephanie

Here's a great request for nude skins:

PS; Can you get a nude patches for Syberia, No one lives forever 2,and Darken Skye. Also nude skins every female character for every game known to the world and any future female character, and of high quality like pic included with email.

I'll get right on that, just for you. Especially the nude skins for future games that don't exist yet.

9/27/04 - after all the above was posted:

how did you get "fuck" to come up? It doesn't come up for me. Please tell me how.


why is it that there is no male cock on my adult male sims. how can i make it appear?

This is how:
1. take off your pants
2. stand up and put your dick on the monitor.

This isn't a stupid email but it has a certain charm:

I downloaded the Sims 2 Nude skins from your website and installed them in my game. My problem is now that they are installed, why do my males look like they have a vagina instead of a penis? Is there something I did wrong or what can I do to correct them.

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